Welcome to our brand new website!

Finally, after a few wobbles it’s time to launch our new website!!

At this moment we don’t have so many products online as of yet because we want to make a fresh

start with as many new bracelets, necklaces, earrings, watches etc. and working very hard on that!

Whats new are the high quality leather mens bracelets and soon you can also engrave your jewelry

with your own personal text. More on that later!!


There will be a weekly update with new jewelry so do take a look on www.lamariposablanca.com

from time to time so you can create your own style by mixing and matching your jewelry!

As usual we will keep you updated true our facebook page and Instagram.


La Mariposa Blanca is handmade, designed in our own studio with passion, love and care.

Your feedback is very welcome! And any questions, suggestions, remarks or whatever please

contact us.