Buyer’s guide


La Mariposa Blanca online is open to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the entire year for you to shop when it is as most convenient for you.


When purchasing your favourite products on our web site you can pay in two different ways:

  1. Safely through Pay Pal
    2. Pre-payment via bank transfer to the bank account of Open Bank.: IBAN ES07 0073 0100 5001 2241 9088  stating the reference number of the order, as well as the name of the person that placed the order.
    Please see the discaimer for more information


Our aim is to ship between 24 – 72 h after receiving orderpayment, except for non-workdays. The order is then delivered within a few days. If you need the order urgently please contact us. Please see the disclaimer for more information


La Mariposa Blanca charges a delivery fee of 6 € in Europe, there is no weight limit to your order. On a purchase of minimum 70 € no delivery costs are charged.


If for any reason the purchased products not are to your satisfaction, or you have any complaint, please contact La Mariposa Blanca either by email or phone within 7 days after delivery of purchased products. La Mariposa Blanca will get back to you as soon as possible with the intention to find a satisfactory solution for both sides. In case of return or exchange of product the client is responsible for the shipping costs. Please see the disclaimer for more information.


La Mariposa Blanca uses high-quality materials to produce our jewellery they are guaranteed nickel-free.


To ensure that your La Mariposa Blanca jewellery gives you pleasure for many years, it is important to take care of it. The following care instructions will help you maintain your favourite jewellery in the best possible way:
– Keep it in the accompanying bag in a dry and dark place, when not wearing it, this to avoid colour changes
– Wipe with a polishing cloth after each use to remove make-up, grease, odours .
– Remove your jewellery when doing the dishes, taking a bath, or gardening to protect it from unnecessary wear.
– Let body lotion and perfumes dry on your body before taking it on, this to avoid colour changes.
– Avoid sleeping with jewellery on, which exposes it to unnecessarily hard wear.

No metal, be it gold or silver, tolerate salt or chlorinated water, it can wear off the lustre.
To ensure that pearls retain their lustre, it is important that they do not come into contact with substances such as perfume and dish soap, they have a degreasing effect that can damage the pearls.