Design Bracelets – a collection of handmade design bracelets
The extensive Bracelet Collection of unique and original handmade bracelets comes in a variety of styles and colours to create a stylish look that’s uniquely La Mariposa Blanca. When you wear a La Mariposa Blanca design bracelet, you know that it is special. It feels substantial, it has that distinctive weighty feel, it has a special look to it. The design bracelets are easy to match to your favourite piece of La Mariposa Blanca jewel, be it a key heart necklace, a Buddha pendant, horn, a choker necklace or accessories such as, an unique ladies watch, or a pair of long handmade earrings with sparkly Swarovski. The bracelet collection offer a wide range of handmade bracelets to match your look, such as, in style leather bracelets, lustrous pearl bracelets, dazzling charm heart bracelets and magnificent semi-precious stone bracelets, or bold chain bracelets with Lucky charms of Hearts, Peace symbols, Hope, Feng Shui Coins, culture, nature and spirituality.

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